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Best of the Christian Web


Christian Sites

Some very dedicated net users like me would always find themselves occupied with so many things even when they're just browsing the net. But there will always be that moment when we feel something inside of us while surfing continually for hours....BOREDOM? ANXIETY? TIREDNESS? Whatever it is, let me tell you that I find these Christian sites very encouraging....very informative...very inspirational. We have the online Bible for Bible reading, several Bible studies, Verses for the day, Christian resources, newsletters, testimonies, prayers, name it and these Christian sites have it. I highly recommend these sites. You will actually find many more as you go from one site to the next.


Goshen- which stands for Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations, was selected "Site of the Year" by Best of the Christian Web. It has an extensive Christian search engine and directory, daily devotionals, free classified ads, Christian shareware, and online study tools.

Gospel Communications Network- An alliance of on-line Christian ministries...believes that the internet offers an effective vehicle in accomplishing the responsibility for evangelizing the world w/ the Gospel of Christ.

Maranatha- with Archived Featured Sites & Links

Christian Cyberspace - an index to elite Christian Internet Sites, featuring links to the home pages of Christian individuals and churches, online devotionals, Usenet newsgroups, online Bibles, publications and more. Visitors can also join a mailing list for regular updates.

Christian Music Place- The next generation in online exploration of Christian music, offers information on artists, albums, Christian music festivals, concerts, recording, distributing your Christian music, developing your talent, touring, church music, ministry opportunities and much more.

Best of the Christian Web- website reviews, columns and cartoons, a lot of features and services...

I Love Jesus-the Christian web community that lifts up the name of Jesus!

Heartlight- HEARTLIGHT Magazine is a weekly electronic publication dedicated to bringing practical help to inspire positive Christian living.

EPrayer- Throughout this website, you will find various opportunities to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ through participating in the ministry. Ultimately this is a place for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. After all, that's what being a Christian is all about.

Heavenly Sites- This site is dedicated to the Christian family, employs RealAudio technology through out, you can listen to the Pastor spread the good news each week.

Cybergrace Christian Network- One of the most Comprehensive Christian Resources on the Internet.

Christianet- The Worldwide Christian Marketplace; business scriptures to guide you...

Online Bible- Search the Bible for information (The Cybergrace Online Bible)

The 700 Club- A fascinating all-in-one stop for the entire family.

Teen Challenge-the oldest, largest and most successful program reaching out to people in juvenile halls, jails and prisons worldwide.

Promise Keepers- a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to uniting men through vital relationships to become godly influences in their world

Welcome to the Prayer Room

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