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My Friends' Photo Album

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My beautiful friend Kim Fairley.
When Wen-Mei became a Malenab because of Joel.
The handsome Rick (Malaysia)
My wonderful doctor.
That's about sexy & smart...and very much single!
Bestfriend Jeannet at San Diego Sea World in San Diego,
California. She married my other friend, R-Nhel.
The Greatest People.
Taken during a break inside the classroom.
Frank & Fritz who're now in Ohio.
Another "The Greatest People" picture. very special friend from outer space.
Jay in U.A.E.
Taken last May 1998 in Bulacan.
The SMG are a bunch of happy-go-luckies...
Taken last last summer in Bulacan.
Here's another friend...HORSEY.
Take a look at my bike. Thanks Rick!

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